The SAIT Motorsport Bambino Stars programme was created to allow young drivers* whom have already entered the world of Bambino karting, to transform their driving techniques to perform at their best, with the assistance of Karting Experts. We believe that Bambino drivers are our future.


The next generation of Formula One drivers are coming through this class, and it is one of our specialities!


Our Bambino Stars programme is run by our instructors, who have run Bambino Training at a variety of ARKS Schools across the country, allowing drivers to gain an MSA Licence. We have the ability and skill to bring any young driver, regardless of experience, to the top of the time sheets. Our instructors have trained several key drivers who currently race in top level karting, and car racing. It is certainly fair to say, we are experienced in this field.

Freddie Duncan recently took part in the inaugural Bambino Festival at Rye House, attracting drivers from all over the country, some all the way from Scotland. Freddie put his skills to the test and ran a consistent 3rd place all throughout the day. SAIT Motorsport started working with Freddie in January 2016 and have aided him to get to the front. The Festival at Rye House was televised by Motors TV, in which the team received a considerable amount of air time, for this we are truly thankful! The Bambino Festival was an exceptional event, one in which we are already signing drivers up for. 

We teach each driver several advanced driving techniques, but also how to keep competitive throughout no matter what is thrown at them.

​Our training includes;

  • Assessing the competition & circuit

  • Advanced acceleration & braking tecniques

  • Safe overtaking manouevres & closing the gap

  • Dealing with issues, tough competitors and keeping a cool & calm head.

The programme operates at all circuits in the South East, however, primarily at Bayford Meadows Kart Circuit & Rye House Kart Raceway, two very different, but yet tricky circuits. All sessions are designed to not only teach a driver of what is required to go fast, but also to be fun. The sessions take place on weekends and Tuesday evenings after school, allowing each driver to not only enhance their driving abilities, but also focus on their primary education.

Our Stars Programme Price List is available upon request, and is competitively priced.














*Please remember, this is advanced training aimed at Bambino drivers who have competed previously and are looking to gain that edge. For Rookie Bambino drivers, please see our Bambino School page for more info. This is designed for drivers who have their own Bambino equipment.

SAIT Motorsport Bambino Stars Programme

Advanced Training & Development... By Professional & Experienced Instructors


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Established in 2015 we have been offering Race Support Services to drivers young & old. Since incorporation, the team has become one of the most successful teams in the South East by securing Club Championships in each year. We love what we do & love helping you on your karting journey.

Our specialism? Welcoming new drivers into the Owner Driver community!



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