Junior Subaru



Junior Subaru is a superb class for those entering Owner Driver. 


This class is designed to keep karting enjoyable, with close wheel to wheel racing and keeping costs as low as possible. All engines are maintained and sealed by one engine builder, leaving only chassis / tyre set up and driver skill left to play with.

The engine is the 10hp Subaru KX21, with 211cc and max rpm of 6200. This engine gives drivers the ability to adapt to an adult chassis, but with a power delivery that they are used to if moving up from the Honda Cadet classes. A smooth power band allows the kart to be drivable at any circuit, whether it be tight and twisty, or long and fast.

Many drivers utilize this class as a stepping stone between Honda Cadet & the Rotax classes, as it allows a driver to fully appreciate and learn the junior/adult chassis, without having to learn how to drive the engine. It really is a great class! Especially when combined with a Compkart Covert 3.0!

Here at SAIT Motorsport, we have a vast level of success within this class, and have more success lined up. In this years campaign, we have not left the events without at least one victory in the plethora of inter-classes. We know this class. Inside and out.

Other's have tried to compete, try new tactics & new methods. But as a team, we have won the championship by doing what we do. Having fun. 

SAIT Motorsport are the team to be with in Junior Subaru. We have won races, taken pole positions & set lap records. We have what it takes to get a driver to the top step. If you don't believe us, check out the MyLaps results & Championship table. It speaks for itself!

To find out how we can assist your campaign in the Junior Subaru class, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Junior Subaru Championships 2020

In 2019, the Junior Subaru class no longer has a standalone UK Championship.

The class is being included in the Kent Kart Championship, whilst also being a key class at BMKR Club Meetings & Lydd Kart Circuit Club meetings.

Therefore, the Junior Subaru class will have race meetings on the following dates;




Saturday 18th July

Saturday 15th August

Saturday 19th September

Saturday 17th October

Saturday 21st November

Saturday 19th December


Sunday 26th July

Sunday 30th August

Sunday 27th September

Sunday 11th October

SAIT Motorsport will be present at each round of these events, including pre-race testing, offering all of our Support Services.


We love Subaru & we look forward to helping you get to the front!


We won the 2018 Championship, we won Championships in 2019, Compkart won the Championship, with most wins & the fastest ever lap around Bayford.


We certainly know how to win in Junior Subaru.


To find out more, give us a shout!